PHIS Governance Structure

Board of Directors

The governance of PHIS is comprised of a Board of Directors (BoD) with oversight roles in policy, legal, financial and strategic direction. Membership of the BoD is drawn from diverse and pertinent backgrounds, including finance, legal, program management, public health, human resources, medicine, education and community development.


The Directorate comprises the Executive Director (ED), the Director of Operations and the Director of Programs. This organ is responsible for strategic leadership and management of the organisation, as well as ensuring effective delivery of the organisation’s mission and vision.

Core Management Team

The Core Management Team (CMT) comprises the Directorate and Managers of Finance, Human Resources and Administration and Programs, and is responsible for organisational strategy development and execution, policy development and implementation, fund-raising, program development and implementation, and compliance in financial and statutory obligations, both at program and service levels. Managers are additionally responsible for day-to-day line management of personnel, programs, budgets, policy implementation and ensuring performance targets are met.