Beyond Poverty and Inequality Program

The Beyond Poverty and Inequality Program (PIP) focusses on putting in place comprehensive measures, both economic and social, that are aimed at alleviating poverty as a social determinant of poor health through improved resource productivity, incomes and equity. Research and development around commercialization of smallholder agriculture through the value chain approach, entrepreneurship and skill development form the bulk of activities within the program, with an overarching aim of improving health and overall livelihood for all.

Key pillars here include:

  • Income generation, including youth agri-preneurship, skill development and business incubation, to improve economic access to healthcare
  • Food and nutritional security, to among other things, address malnutrition and build body’s defense against diseases
  • Social inclusion, equity and property rights protection to, among other things, enhance the voice needed to make social services work for the poor.