The Soil Factory Network

The Soil Factory Network (SFN) is an emerging community of practice (CoP) that aims to stimulate the recovery of resources from wastes to agriculture. The network brings together diverse partners in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America to test and adapt ecological sanitation (ecosan) technologies in a variety of contexts, and ultimately change how people feel, think, and act with regard to organic wastes.

With an Engaged Opportunity Grant, Poverty and Health Integrated Solutions (PHIS), together with Cornell University and partners of the network are initiating activities to invigorate this network. PHIS is currently developing a website that will serve a number of purposes, including

(i) an online representation of the network and its activities;

(ii) a platform for interaction within the network, sharing and dissemination of information -including processes and products, soliciting buy-in from the general public, policy makers as well as those in complementary areas of research and practice;

(iii) create opportunities for commercialisation of ecosan in the various regions;

(iv)  opportunity for capacity building, co-creation and consolidation of lessons to guide advancement in the practice of ecosan.

The work of the network addresses threats to food security and health through a “circular bionutrient economy” (CBNE) approach, which puts organic wastes to productive use while reducing their negative environmental and public health impacts.