Dr. Brian Gerard Williams

PhD, BSc (Physics)

Dr. Williams has a long-standing global experience in a range of areas spanning academia and Research & Development. He holds a PhD (University of Cambridge) and a BSc Degree (University of Natal, South Africa) in Physics, and has studied, worked and published in many areas of science, with a unifying theme being mathematics and statistics with a special emphasis on modelling dynamical systems. He has worked extensively on HIV and TB with a particular interest in using dynamical models to understand time trends in their epidemics, explore ways of control, make future projections under different scenarios, and provide advice to policy-makers at national and international levels.

Some of the notable positions he has held include Epidemiologist at Wits Reproductive Health Institute (Wits University, South Africa), Epidemiologist (WHO, Geneva), Director of the Epidemiological Research Unit (Johannesburg, South Africa) and Lecturer in Tropical Epidemiology (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). Dr Williams has made many contributions in various fields of science, and has published widely; for example, he developed the first model to demonstrate that a policy of Test-and-Treat would make it possible to end HIV epidemic in South Africa, with the model providing impetus for development of the now widely accepted policy targets of ‘90-90-90’. He extended this model to include treatment of TB and demonstrated that ending AIDS by 2030 was both feasible and cost-effective. Additionally, he served on the PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board; chaired a technical advisory group for the Global Fund; served on the Global Fund Technical Review Panel, and served as a member of the UNAIDS Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee. Although based in Geneva, Switzerland, Dr Williams continues to work with the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA, which he co-founded, as well as offer consultancy services to UNITAID, WHO and UNAIDS.