Charles A.O. Midega

PhD, MSc, BSc, MPH

Prof. Charles Midega, a Distinguished Africanist Scholar (Cornell University, USA) and Extraordinary Professor (Northwest University, South Africa) is the Executive Director at PHIS. He is a strategic manager with vast experience in research and development spanning two decades. He holds a PhD in agricultural entomology (Kenyatta University, Kenya), postdoctoral fellowships (icipe, Kenya and Kyushu University, Japan), and a Master of Public Health Degree – Epidemiology; other health-related certificate courses he has taken include Epidemiology, Fundamentals of Global Health Research, Implementation Science and Clinical Management of HIV (University of Washington, USA).

Prior to joining PHIS, Prof. Midega served as a senior scientist at icipe where he led a number of programs aimed at development and implementation of integrated management approaches for pre- and post-harvest invasive and non-invasive pests, weeds and diseases affecting smallholder farming households in different parts of Africa, Asia and South America. He also provided strategic leadership in development and translation of sustainable crop-livestock value chains for improved food security, safety and poverty alleviation. One of his seminal contributions was in the area of managing mycotoxin contamination in grains, thereby contributing to food safety for poor households in Africa. At PHIS Prof. Midega has embarked on R&D work geared towards achieving health outcomes by tackling the social determinants of poor health, in addition to being responsible for PHIS set up, overseeing its administration, programming and strategic plan, fundraising and community outreach. Prof. Midega is an enthusiast of evidence-based programming, capacity building and policy-guided program implementation. He is a member of several boards and professional bodies, including the Entomological Society of America and the African Association of Insect Scientists, and is an academic editor to journals including PLOS One, Frontiers in Agronomy and International Journal of Tropical Insect Science.